Lacrima lui Ovidiu 12 years

Lacrima lui Ovidiu is a special, liquored, oxidized wine, with a particular personality, obtained out of the most valuable breeds grown in the vineyards of Murfatlar. It stands out by a complex, remarkable ageing bouquet, but also by its silkiness and buttery touch. The profundity of its colour and its rich aroma are due to the storage in small oak barrels for several years. Its bouquet is enriched by the fresh flavor of fruits and the balanced sweetness and acidity of the new wines it blends with. Lacrima lui Ovidiu is a deep-golden wine that brings together the eldest wines of Murfatlar, matured in small oak barrels of 300, 400 and 500 liters. This liquored wine is to be served chilled, 4-6 ┬░Celsius, in small glasses of 100 ml, with a narrow rim, as an aperitif or after the meal, with the favorite dessert or fine cheeses.

Region: Murfatlar
Style: Fortified
Country: Romania
Size: 75cl
Alcohol: 15,00%

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